It gives me great pleasure writing a recommendation for Inglewood cricket club, as it was my first Kiwi experience. I loved it so much that, it convinced me to return to NZ permanently with my wife from the UK.

Inglewood is a small town with a keen sport following and the club is run by some fantastic people whom I have met in my cricketing journeys around the world.

The view of Mount Taranaki is spectacular from the ground (Karo Park). The club is very serious about the game and have established a culture of continuous improvement. As a player you will be training twice a week minimum and you will be exposed to a good structured training routine to improve your skills on grass centre wicket sessions.

Taranaki Premier league is a very competitive cricket league and it comprises of 6 strong clubs and 2 high school teams. There is a strong rivalry between clubs which dates to early 1900’s. The club finals are always played at Picturesque world famous Pukekura Park. I didn’t get the chance to play a final with honey badgers, but it could be your chance!!!

Highly recommend Inglewood Cricket club for your next cricketing destination, beware of the sudden hail storm and after parties it could be epic!!

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